TO EACH HER OWN // april 2016

As an aspiring fashion photographer, I noticed the prominence of the male gaze and the lack of female photographers within the industry at an early age. Driven by passion and curiosity to define a female perspective in a space that frequently objectifies women, the concept for To Each Her Own began to form in step with the series of essays I wrote to outline my research on the dominant gaze. 

To Each Her Own was the visual result of a year-long quest to define and portray the elusive female gaze, for my Fashion Communication undergrad thesis at Ryerson University. With the series and subsequent gallery show, I set out to dispel the cliché, sexist tropes of male-centric photography. By empowering a diverse group of women—who represent a variety of ages, ethnicities, bodies, and experiences—I hoped to showcase the multi-faceted nature of femininity. Ultimately, To Each Her Own reflects the authentic lives of the women we are surrounded by, actively subverting the male-constructed idea of femininity ingrained by society.